Little Sports Torts
Children learning football

Community Programs Now Offered Year-Round!

FOOTBALL:  AGES 1.5 – 5 Years


Little Sports Torts Football is one of a kind! Children learn to throw, catch, and run with the ball! Toss in some field-goal kicking and these girls and boys can’t get enough!


Community Program @ The Tortuga (Line Drive near Lindale Mall) or Thomas Park in Marion

  • 30- or 35- minute class once a week
  • $65.00 or 75.00 or 85.00 for the 5- or 6-week session, due at enrollment
  • Choose your child’s age range below to enroll – sessions starting soon!
  • Late-starting students are prorated


School Programs @ Local Preschool & Childcare Locations

  • Details are different for school programs, and so then is registration! CLICK HERE for School Program information and enrollment!

Tucker of Little Sports Torts

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